What We Do

We connect event organizers with speakers who fit their audience and event needs. Likewise, we connect speakers with the event organizers who want to hire them. We are here to support both parties through the negotiation process, ensuring an easy and exceptional experience for everyone involved.

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Who We Are

We are a Speaker and Event Organizer duo who, after years of being in the industry, collectively understand what it takes to capture an audience and run a successful event. As natural connectors, we are easy to work with. We are dedicated to providing a transparent and seamless process for all speakers and event organizers.

Our Story

The Speakers Connection

Why Choose Us

We believe that no event is “too small to be worth our time.” Every event and speaker is important! We are honest and transparent, working with your best interest in mind – always. We are here to make booking a speaking gig the smoothest experience possible for you.

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