Deedre Daniel delivering the closing keynote at the Health Care Distribution Alliance Conference

As Professional Speakers and Event Organizers ourselves, we know what it takes to book a successful speaking event. This is the driving force behind The Speakers Connection (TSC). We are here to provide the sincere support and guidance that all Conference Speakers and Event Organizers need.

Speakers love working with us! Here is why:

  • We are focused on connecting you with your ideal audience, and assisting you in booking speaking engagements that will build your portfolio
  • We will never ask you to be exclusive with us. We are here to support you in building your business with your best interest in mind
  • We will help you negotiate your speaking fees
  • Your speaking contract will be directly with the hiring organization
  • We are not paid by the organizations that are hiring you to speak
  • You will pay us 25% of your speaking fee after you speak, with no additional fees
  • We work with conference speakers of all experience levels – emerging, established, or anywhere in between!

We will be transparent every step of the way, sharing constructive feedback to enhance your speaking career.

This is our promise to you – because we’ve been in your shoes.

TSC Speakers are selected and connected with their ideal audience through Event Organizers. If this is what you are looking for, look no further!

Speaker Application

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Carla Howard
Change Leadership & Advocate for Women
Diane Allen
Go Beyond Engagement
Shelley Brown
The Belonging Equation
Deedre Daniel
Mastering Interesting Conversations
Hassan Ghiassi
Leaning in to Difficult Conversations
Wendy Gilhula
Turning Mistakes into Masterpieces
Danny Goldberg
Leadership in The New World of Work
Yonason Goldson
The Ethics Ninja
Melissa Hughes
Self-proclaimed Neuroscience Geek
Frank Kitchen
Mindset Master Chef
Julie Noonan
Leading Change & Women in Leadership
Heather Hansen O'Neill
The Elements of Adventure
Dennis Pitocco
Rediscovering Humanity
Sabrina Schottenhamel
Introverted Leader
Maria Shea
Mind-Body Traditions to Reduce Stress
Ann Marie Suter
Personal Safety Expert & Safety Mindset
Ashley Taylor
Transforming YOU in the Middle of Chaos
Doug Thompson
Storytelling in the Technology Sector
Andy Vargo
Life Change Expert - Own Your Awkward
Penny Zenker
Own Your Focus - The Reset Mindset