Our Story

The Speakers Connection (TSC) supports event organizers in connecting with professional speakers who will fit the role for their event. This is a service I longed for when I started my speaking career. My name is Carla Howard, and as a speaker myself, I know firsthand the frustration that comes with trying to find and connect with event organizers.

Carla Howard

How it all started

It all began when my friend and I were discussing our work during a retreat. As an event organizer, she shared with me how difficult it was for her to find high-quality speakers within her budget. I reflected with her on my own past difficulties as a speaker in finding events that could help me grow my career. As our conversation continued, we realized we had different perspectives we could bring together to form a single solution for these problems. We wanted to find a way to foster meaningful connections that benefit both the Event Organizer and Speaker.

Together, we created The Speakers Connection.

Our Process

Wondering how our service is different from the typical speakers’ bureaus?

For Speakers:

  • Presently, many traditional speakers’ bureaus care only about the big names who can consistently book $15k+ gigs. Here at TSC, we provide quality service that helps talent of all experience levels book speaking engagements. 
  • Your contracts are held directly with the event organizers, and we will help facilitate the negotiation process.
  • We care about your progress and want you to feel confident in the expertise you have to offer. Although it is not a requirement for becoming a TSC Speaker, we offer a 6-week speaker program for those who are interested called, “Get Paid From The Stage!!!” that will fast-track you past years of frustration and missed value.


Ready to take a look at what our 6-week program has to offer?

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For Event Organizers:

  • We listen closely to your needs and help connect you with the ideal, high-quality speaker within your budget.
  • Our connection service is offered at no charge to event organizers! 
  • Your contracts are held directly with the Speakers, and we will help facilitate the negotiation process.

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We love helping quality speakers share their messages while making the lives of event organizers easier! Collectively, we recognize the importance of forming connections between speakers and event organizers. We’ll help you find the perfect fit!

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