What will I owe TSC once I’ve completed an engagement and received payment?

Speakers will pay a Speakers Connection fee equal to 25% of the speaking fee received from the event organizer for your talk or workshop.

If I don’t receive payment from an event organizer, will I still owe TSC a speaker connection fee?

No – We are here to support the Speakers who work with us! Speakers only pay TSC once they’ve received payment from their speaking engagement.

If I need to cancel a speaking gig, do I still owe TSC a fee for making the connection?

No – You only pay TSC after you’ve completed your speaking gig and have received payment.

How will I pay TSC?

We currently accept the payment options listed below:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Check
  • Bank transfer

Will TSC send me an invoice for my paid speaker connection fee?

Yes – We will send an invoice via QuickBooks, as well as a pdf version.

How can I get my picture and speaker information on the TSC website?

Our website features Speakers we have experience working with to-date. These Speakers have been considered and approved based on the content required to become a TSC speaker. There is no cost to be included on our website. Additionally, we have a library of Speakers who are not on our website with whom Event Organizers can also be connected.

What is the content required to be considered as a TSC speaker on the website?

To be on the website, we require:

  • A high-quality picture of you
  • A bio including your talk topic or area of expertise

Is there any additional content speakers should submit to make their talks more marketable?

Yes – The items below are highly recommended:

  • Speaking reel
  • Testimonials from previous speaking engagements
  • Talk proposals

Can I also be represented by speakers’ bureaus if I sign up to be a TSC Speaker?

Yes – TSC Speakers are not exclusive with us – we want you to be wildly successful!

Do I have to be enrolled in the “Get Paid From The Stage!!!” 6-week program to qualify to be represented by TSC?

No – The program is separate and is not required to be one of our TSC Speakers.

Is there a guaranteed number of events TSC will book me when I sign the agreement?

No – We will work hard to find events that are a great fit for your topics, so there are no guarantees on how many bookings we will secure for you.

Do I owe TSC a percentage of revenue from additional speaking engagements booked at the events that TSC places me at?

No – When you book additional engagements, the revenue is 100% yours to keep!

Event Organizers

Can you help me book speakers not on your website?

Yes – If you have a specific Speaker or theme in mind, we are happy to help. We also have a library of Speakers who are not on our website with whom you can also be connected.

Will you provide (or help me find) a replacement if my speaker cancels?

Yes – We will work diligently to find replacement speakers for you.

What is my cost to book speakers through TSC?

There is no cost for you! Our connection fee is covered through our agreements with speakers.

Is there a minimum speaker fee that I must be able to offer to work with TSC?

No budget is too small! We will help you find excellent speakers that fit within your budget.

Will you help me negotiate speaker fees?

Yes – We will work with our speakers to create a compensation package that is within your budget.

Is my contract with TSC or with the speaker I am hiring for my event?

Your contract is directly with the speaker.

Am I liable for any fees if your speaker doesn’t pay TSC their connection fee?

No – Hiring organizations never pay a fee to TSC.

Speakers Program “Get Paid From The Stage!!!”

Who is the “Get Paid From The Stage!!!” program meant for?

The program is created for:

  • Emerging speakers who are struggling to land paid speaking engagements.
  • Professional speakers who know they should be earning more from the talks and workshops they are delivering.

How many times a year is this program run?

In 2023, we are planning to run three cohorts – February, June, and October.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend each cohort?

Yes. There are only 10 seats available each time we run this program.

How much time will my homework take each week?

The course runs for 6 weeks. Most students find that they can complete their homework in 2 – 5 hours each week.

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

We meet live for 1.5 hours each week. Sessions are recorded for replay in case participants need a refresher or are unable to attend.

What is the deadline to sign up?

Program enrollment closes once all 10 seats for each cohort are filled.